Support Freddy's Dream of Helping His Community Host Powwow Celebrations

All over the United States, Native American youth are working to promote entrepreneurship in their communities.

In Lawrence, Kansas, Freddy Gipp (Apache Tribe of Oklahoma) dreams of using his program, Powwow+, to provide communities with the opportunity to engage in new and innovative cultural programming by encouraging them to host powwow celebrations. The program will also help develop consistent revenue streams through cultural tourism.

In Freddy's own words, "This idea implements strategically planned powwows that can help tribal entities engage public and provide markets by offering consistent revenue streams, fulfillment of diversity and inclusion initiatives, bolster cultural tourism opportunities and achieve economic goals and objectives."

As one of Running Strong's "Dreamstarters," Freddy Gipp is one of 10 remarkable Native American young people who dream of promoting entrepreneurship in their communities. We can help make his dreams come true.

Sign the pledge and support Freddy's dream of helping Native American communities host powwow celebrations.
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