Tell Facebook not to Blackout our Democracy!

Free and fair elections are the lifeblood of a healthy democracy. Unfortunately, in the United States, there are troubling signs that the upcoming 2020 elections will be marred by widespread misinformation campaigns. We aren't going to let this happen without a fight.

In 2016, Facebook was hijacked by a Russian effort to interfere with the elections. Before and after that date, the social network site has been successfully used by extremist groups to recruit and radicalize followers, with little in the way of meaningful action from the multi-billion-dollar corporation to do anything about it. Time and time again, Facebook executives have chosen to put profits over public safety and the integrity of our democracy. 

Facebook does almost nothing to stop the vile racism and disinformation spread to millions. So it's up to us to take action. 

Take action today, and pledge to support efforts to pressure Facebook to clean up its act, so that it can no longer be used as a megaphone to spread lies and hate.

#ProtestFacebook #FacebookBlackout2020

Mettre À Jour #2il y a 8 mois
Whether it’s racist rhetoric by Donald Trump, disinformation about the coronavirus, or lies in ads by political campaigns, Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have failed to act. Tune in on Wed, June 10 to hear what you can do to stop the lies on Facebook:

June 10, 11 AM PST

*Jeffrey Chester, Executive Director, Center for Digital Democracy
* Fadi Quran, Campaigns Director, Avaaz
*Carmen Scurato, Senior Policy Counsel, Free Press
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Facebook announced that it's doubling down on its dangerous decision to let politicians and political campaigns blatantly lie in their Facebook advertisements. Please send the company a message that you oppose their reckless decision by replacing your Facebook cover and profile photos today with a completely black box. You can download a black box and get instructions here.
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