Ban Tiger Trade

The tiger is an endangered species. The world lost already over 90 per cent of its tigers and there are only an estimated 3,900 tigers left in the wild.

This dramatic decline is a result of a relentless demand for tigers traded for their parts but also to be displayed commercially. With so few tigers left, there simply should be no commercial trade in these animals or their products – neither with wild tigers nor with captive bred tigers! Legal trade facilitates illegal trade and causes a real threat to the wild tiger population.

Shockingly, tigers born in Europe in captivity can still be traded for commercial purposes like circuses or for private keeping and for photo opportunities. In some European countries, you can even rent a tiger for a private party!

There is no clear overview of tiger numbers and trade within Europe; no one knows how many tigers are currently kept in Europe, where they are moved during their lifetime or how they are used for entertainment purposes, where they die and finally whether these animals are in worst cases being turned into tiger bone wine or traditional medicines.

Our investigators have discovered that tiger traders operating in Europe are willing and able to sell and facilitate the transfer of tigers to Asian countries where demand for their parts for traditional medicine is causing mass cruelty and a decline of the species. We can no longer allow this to happen!!

Call on the European Commission to ban the commercial trade in tigers.   
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