Commit to speak out for the future of your health care

California has positioned itself as a leader on many issues in the United States, finding bold, progressive solutions to the problems that everyday Americans face. That's because Californians aren't afraid to hold their leaders accountable when something needs fixing.

Our Health California was founded to serve as a united front for Californians seeking to promote healthy people and a healthier state. With the support of the California Hospital Association and hospitals throughout the Golden State, we strive to reduce the many barriers to providing affordable, high-quality care to all.

Since then, we've grown to more than one million members who are ready to speak up on issues such as behavioral health care, homelessness, and disaster preparedness.

Everyone deserves to have a say in the future of our health care — including YOU.

That's why our community is committed to working with elected officials to ensure ALL Californians have access to care, every minute of every day — because our health is too important to take for granted.

We would love to have you in our corner. Add your name now and commit to building healthier California communities!
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