ADD YOUR NAME: Ryan Walters Must GO!

Education officials have horrifically failed to protect Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old non-binary Oklahoma high school student. Nex's death, after being brutally assaulted in their high school following months of anti-LGBTQ+ harassment and bullying, is a gut-wrenching tragedy that exposes a chilling reality many fear: Extremists are bringing the politics of hate into our schools and making our kids pay the price.

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters is directly responsible for creating the hostile environment that contributed to the death of Nex. He is a dangerous and bigoted politician who has a horrific anti-equality record.

Enough is enough! Oklahomans — and every kid across the country — deserve better. Take action now: add your name below and demand for the immediate removal of Ryan Walters!

Do you identify as part of the LGBTQ+ Community?  Are you concerened about the relentless attacks on our civil rights by right wing politicians who's focus is to make us disappear?  Now you can do something about it!  Show Up With Pride this summer and together fight back with the nation's largest civil rights organization fighting for queer rights. Join us!

We, the undersigned individuals, are calling for the termination of Ryan Walters from his position as Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction immediately.

The recent, tragic death of Nex Benedict demonstrates how unsafe LGBTQ+ students in Oklahoma are under his leadership, especially transgender and non-binary students. Ryan Walters has failed to provide a safe learning environment where LGBTQ+ students like Nex are free of harassment and bullying. Instead, he has worked to make life as hard as possible for them. His continued tenure in this position is DANGEROUS and he must go.

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