Fish Are Sentient and Feel Pain. The U.K. Must Extend its Animal Welfare Laws to Fisheries.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), one of the world's leading organizations for farmed seafood, is set to introduce a new set of animal welfare standards that will make the process of slaughtering fish more humane. While this victory is long-overdue, it is great news that farmed fish, currently subjected to horrific slaughter practices, will finally be treated with a bit more dignity. Now it's time for the United Kingdom to follow suit!

Sign now to demand the UK introduce welfare standards for fish that are similar to those that protect mammals!

Under the proposed new rules, ASC-certified farmed fish will be required to be stunned before being killed. Currently, many fish are killed by literally just taking them out of water, causing them to suffer tremendously until dying by asphyxia. Anyone who has seen a fish out of water knows that fish clearly feel pain and are frantic and desperate to get back to their water source. Now it is time for the United Kingdom to follow suit and step up their standards for wild caught fish to reflect scientific consensus.

The fishing and food industries have resisted admitting what scientists and animal rights organizations have argued for years: that fish are incredibly smart animals who feel a wide range of emotions, including pain, stress, and anxiety. Fish have complex relationships, are capable of navigating mazes, and have even demonstrated numerical skills. Fish are clearly sentient, and depriving them of oxygen until they die is terribly inhumane.

If people are going to eat these sentient living beings, the very least we can do is help them leave this lifetime in more humane ways. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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