I am a year 9 at northcote high school, and I find it outrageous that the silent reading party in activities week has been taken away from us. For the past two years, our year level has been the only one attending the silent reading parties, and now we don't even get the option of going! From observational evidence, the year nines are one of the most active year levels in the school community, and yet arguably the best activity has been taken from us and handed over to the year sevens and eights. Let's not forget that none of the students in year eight this year bothered to attend the silent reading party last year. Last year, my devastation came from the silent reading parties being reduced to just one, but I powered through it like the soldier I am. I WILL NOT STAND for this DISCRIMINATION toward the ENTIRE year 9 year level! WE DESERVE TO HAVE A SILENT READING PARTY THIS ACTIVITIES WEEK

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