Demand an investigation into Trump letting Putin pay Taliban fighters to kill US troops

Either Trump knew Russia has been paying Afghan insurgents cash bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan and chose to do nothing about it for months – or his administration knew but failed to inform him – or they informed him, but he's just really bad at listening to others speak.

No good choice here.

Add your name to demand an investigation of Putin's cash bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US troops in Afghanistan.

We don't have the full story, with conflicting reports and announcements pouring in from various corners of the White House. But we do know Trump has been buddy-buddy with Putin for four years, embracing the foreign election interference which worked in his favor, fighting sanctions, and showing more allegiance for the Russian leader than to his own intelligence officials. So it's darkly unsurprising to learn he may have fully known about the targeted killing of our troops and still made the same choices he always does: inaction and denial.

Congress must investigate immediately since the only thing that IS clear is that Trump – or members of his administration – aren't telling the truth.

Sign here to demand Congress investigates Russia's funding of Afghan insurgent fighters to kill US troops in Afghanistan.

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