TELL TRUMP: Don't End Funding for Free School Lunches!

  • da: Ann W
  • destinatario: President Donald Trump

Among many inhumane proposals in Trump's new budget ideas, is the cutting of free school lunches by raising the bar for qualification. This will cause at least 18,000 schools to no longer qualify!

Experts reveal that at least 1 in 4 children come to school with no breakfast. And still others, don't enroll in the free lunch programs at all because of stigma or a lack of awareness. The details can be complicated, but the bottom line is that children should be provided meals if needed for not only their physical well-being but also for their mental alertness and ability to learn. Studies prove that children who eat have improved cognitive abilities. In other words, hungry children may find it hard to concentrate on school work. And who among us could?

Please join the voices of all people who want to continue providing children in need free lunches at school!

Dear President Trump,

We (the undersigned) are appalled to learn that your administration is willing and ready to deny a hungry child food! Surely, there are other areas within the nation's budget that could withstand cuts without harming our most defenseless citizens!

If you are having trouble understanding the importance of free lunches for school children, try to envision one of your own children being in need of food and without the resources to get a meal.

[Your comments]

The future success of our nation depends on the children in society today. Feeding hungry children is not only the moral thing to do, it can only reap benefits for the country.

[Your name]

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