Save Telluride’s Open Places (S​T​​O​​P)

We, the undersigned, are united in opposition to the proposed development of "Vickersville"—also known as 'The Diamond Ridge Project'. While we support high density, affordable housing built in parcels already owned by the town and able to be developed in an environmentally sensitive manner, we are opposed to this proposed development for a number of reasons, including:

First and foremost, our concern over the desecration of one of the most iconic viewsheds in our region—one that is routinely enjoyed by visitors and locals alike;

Secondly, our shared commitment to preserve what open spaces remain in our region; again, in an effort to support both our local residents' recreational needs and our tourist economy;

Thirdly, a concern that the costs to our community—in terms of infrastructure (utilities, sewage, road work, pumping town water 600 feet up to a dry mesa)—are simply too great to justify;

And finally, a lack of community consensus of just what the 'carrying capacity' of our remote box canyon actually is.

THEREFORE, we, the undersigned, encourage the San Miguel County Commissioners to reverse their decision of ­­­­­May 18th that rezoned this property to high density use with up to 20 units per acre with 780 units total.

For more information, and to become a free member of Last Dollar Collective, please visit us at

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