Demand 36 states throw away their proposed DRAG & TRANS BANS!

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Devoid of any actual governing agenda, GOP majorities in state legislatures across the country are instead using their power to strip critical rights and deny healthcare access to trans teens across the country. On top of that, they're trying to ban drag shows and keep people from expressing their true gender identity in public, as they have every right to.

Gender-affirming healthcare is vitally important to trans teenagers who struggle with body dysphoria, depression, and suicidal thoughts. But that hasn't stopped Republican legislatures in 36 states from considering or passing some 350 laws that would restrict trans people's ability to access gender-affirming healthcare or even to exist in the public eye as a trans person.

Demand Republican legislatures start addressing real problems and leave trans people alone!

Many of these bills would not only would it prevent anyone new from receiving trans care but also force those already in the process to detransition, heaping psychological harm upon them and putting their lives in danger — not to mention the added harm of banning "drag," which polices how trans and nonbinary people dress and makes them a target for simply expressing themselves.

They're also putting lives in danger; studies show the passage of anti-trans legislation leads to a direct increase in internet searches about suicide and depression; 82% of trans youth have considered suicide at one point and 40% have attempted it.

If these Republicans really care about kids like they say they do, they'll stop this hysterical and bigoted campaign against trans people and start working on the REAL problems facing the American people.

Demand 36 state legislatures reject the HUNDREDS of proposed anti-trans bills!

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