The World's Tiniest Rabbits Are Going Extinct and Need Our Help

The tiniest bunnies in the world, the pygmy rabbits, make their home in North America, where they burrow underground to make tiny little hobbit-holes for themselves to live in. They need shrub-covered sagebrush habitats in order to survive and to continue spreading delight to the world.

But their sagebrush habitats are disappearing. And now, the pygmy rabbit is officially listed as an Endangered Species due to their near-extinction status.

Sign the petition to keep these adorable little endangered creatures safe from the dangers of climate change!

The pygmy rabbit once lived in a 100-million-acre historic range that spanned portions of 13 U.S. states. Now, it exists in only 10% of this range, and even surviving there is getting more difficult.

The main threats to the species' survival are climate change, fossil fuel extraction projects, human construction, and agriculture.

With the environment rapidly changing as rising greenhouse gas emissions wreak havoc on global weather patterns and overall temperature, sagebrush is dying off quickly, leaving the rabbits' homelands decimated.

As an officially-listed endangered species, pygmy rabbits deserve more protection in order to keep them safe from disappearing altogether. The U.S. government must take action to limit oil and gas development and fight climate change by investing in green energy instead, now! Sign the petition!
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