Cheetos and Cheerios Are Made With Child Labor. End This Exploitation Now!

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: The Department of Labor
A new investigation from the New York Times found that migrant children as young as 14 are working long shifts in dangerous conditions across the country. In a sick twist of irony, both Cheetos and Cheerios -- companies who market their products to children -- rely on child labor in their factories.

The investigation describes literal children working with machinery that have "torn off fingers and ripped open a woman's scalp" in the past.

Sign now to demand The Department of Labor take action to protect these kids!

Cheerios, Cheetos, and a whole host of other brands profiting from child labor are owned by giant, powerful food conglomerates. This type of exploitation is completely illegal, so why is the Department of Labor allowing big corporations like Hearthside Food Solutions off the hook?

Many of the children working in these tragically unethical conditions are migrants. At the intersection of vulnerability, migrant children are often more desperately in need of money to stay in the country or send funds back to their families in Latin America.

Inspectors from the Labor Department have complained about rampant understaffing, which means that workers can barely respond to complaints, making opening actual investigations seem impossible. There are numerous stories of children calling a national hotline, sometimes the only resource they are given, asking for help… only to have a report taken. No one follows up, no one comes to check on them, and their exploitation continues.

All children deserve happy, healthy lives where they can go to school, explore, and play with their friends without rushing to a 12 hour night shift in a dangerous factory. We must protect migrant children from this horrific, abusive exploitation. Sign now to tell The Department of Labor: increase staffing and hold Hearthside Food Solutions accountable!
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