Why Are Louisiana Refineries Allowed to Poison the Water?

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  • destinatario: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A recent study found that refineries in south Louisiana are some of the worst water-polluters in the country, pumping millions of gallons of toxic sludge into waterways and the Gulf of Mexico. The EPA could enforce existing water law and policy, like the Clean Water Act, but chooses not to – threatening the state's residents and environment. 

Sign now to tell the EPA to actually enforce the Clean Water Act in Louisiana!

In the top refineries that pollute public waterways, eight facilities in Louisiana made the list, including the state's Marathon and ExxonMobil refineries. These companies have billions of dollars, and clearly punishment is so lax that they know they can continue dumping and polluting without any real consequences.

Nickel and selenium are two of the many heavy metals and chemicals being discharged by refineries in Louisiana, both of which can literally mutate fish. While the Clean Water Act is meant to prevent these hazards, it's just not being enforced.

The federal and state EPA must work together to enforce the Clean Water Act in Louisiana and actually punish greedy polluters! Sign the petition now to tell the EPA: protect Louisiana's water!

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