Investigate the 215 bodies discovered behind a Mississippi jail!

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In a shocking and horrifying discovery, over 215 bodies were discovered in graves behind a jail in Hinds County, Mississippi, marked only by a metal rod and a number.

Given the appalling, downright medieval treatment that so many inmates suffer in red state prisons, this discovery raises a host of questions, like "how did these people die" and "were their families informed" and "why weren't they given a proper burial?"

Demand the federal government investigate the mystery of Mississippi's prison cemetery!

NBC News' "Lost Rites" reports have made it clear that families are looking for their lost loved ones, and law enforcement is either too inept or entirely unwilling to make the effort to do their jobs and track them down.

The dehumanization of those condemned to the brutal and oppressive American carceral state is a serious human rights crisis that needs to be addressed ASAP. Prisoners deserve to be treated with dignity in life AND in death, and it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that those who die — or are killed — in their custody are returned to their families.

Investigate the 215 bodies discovered behind a Mississippi jail!

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