The Catholic Church Said This Pro-LGBTQ+ Mural Had To Go - Tell Them To Bring It Back!

  • da: Jacob Geers
  • destinatario: The Archdiocese of Newark

"It was offensive," The Rev. Paul Prevosto said about a pro-LGBTQ+ mural that a student painted for a school assignment. The mural the student painted showed silhouettes of people holding up a rainbow heart, nothing offensive to the common person.

But since the Catholic Church owned the school building, they were able to bully them into modifying the work - the student's work of art effectively destroyed.

The Catholic Church should be inclusive and support symbols of support for LGBTQ+ people. That's why we are collecting signatures of people who believe the student's mural should be restored in its original form - because there is nothing offensive about equality.

Will you sign our petition to demand the Catholic Church immediately apologizes and lets the student restore her mural to it's original, creative, and inclusive form?

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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