Demand and Protect our Democracy from Donald J Trump End his Presidential Bid Now!

    We, the concerned citizens of the United States, believe it is imperative to uphold the integrity of our nation's highest offices and democratic process in the wake of Donald Trump's felony convictions related to fraud and corruption.
    The grave offenses of which Trump has been found guilty - including [list specific felony convictions related to fraud, public corruption, etc.] - represent a subversion of the rule of law and a fundamental betrayal of public trust. Convictions for these "white-collar" crimes involving intentional dishonesty and illicit self-enrichment should disqualify any person from running for the presidency or other public offices.
    By his own felonious actions, Trump has proven himself unfit to seek or hold positions of governing authority and public leadership. His elevation of personal interests over ethical conduct and service to the nation renders him undeserving of the privilege of appearing on any future presidential ballot. No person, regardless of wealth, fame, or status, is entitled to be above accountability for such criminal wrongdoing.
    We cannot simply turn a blind eye and allow Trump to potentially regain the immense powers of the presidency, which he has already abused for corrupt purposes. To permit corrupt felons like Trump to run for our highest offices would send a dangerous signal that flagrant criminality faces no ultimate meaningful repercussions in our political system. This grievous lack of accountability poses an existential threat to American democracy and self-governance itself.
    Therefore, we demand that federal legislation is immediately passed to explicitly and permanently prohibit Trump and any other individuals convicted of felonies related to fraud, public corruption, illicit self-dealing, or obstructing the legal process from being eligible candidates for the office of the presidency. Anything less would be an unconscionable dereliction of duty in preserving the integrity and ethical sanctity of the nation's highest office.
    We, the People, will not tolerate such an erosion of justice, ethics, and equal accountability under the law regarding the Oval Office. Preserving public trust in the fundamental tenets of American democracy demands we take this principled stance.
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    Firma la petizione
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