Amazon Employees Used Ring Doorbells to Spy on, Harass, and Stalk Women

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: Amazon Ring CEO Liz Hamren
When customers purchase an Amazon Ring doorbell, it's because they want to increase the safety of their homes, not open them up to harassment and predators. But Amazon didn't take the steps necessary to actually protect its Ring customers. In fact, employees and thirty-party contractors have been accessing private video footage - and abusing it.

It is time the company steps up to regain the trust of consumers!

Sign now to demand Amazon commit to full transparency and offer a clear timeline for its privacy and security program!

Now, Amazon has to settle a privacy lawsuit, and the details of the case are damning. In several cases, employees hacked cameras to literally spy on and sexually harass women - or even stalk them. Another instance shows the product being used to utter racial slurs toward children.

These abuses of video footage are disgusting. Amazon claims it will implement a privacy and security program, but has offered no timeline or transparency on the implementation of these changes.

For years, every single Amazon Ring employee could access every single customer video, even when it had nothing to do with their job. In fact, not only could they access them, but they could download any of those videos - and save and share them with others.

People who purchase Amazon Ring doorbells deserve privacy and security, not to have footage of their private lives invaded by employees.

Amazon must offer a timeline for implementation of its privacy and security program, and must commit to being fully transparent in the process. Sign now if you agree!
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