Two Alabama Women Were Arrested and Sentenced For Helping Stray Cats

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: Wetumpka City Council, City Attorney Regina Edwards, and Mayor Jerry Willis

Two senior Alabama women were arrested for feeding and trapping local feral cats for neutering. Yes, you read that right: two women were arrested for saving animals and trying to reduce the size of the city's feral cat population.  

Sign now to demand Mayor Jerry Willis publicly apologize to these women, City Attorney Regina Edwards work towards lifting their probation, and Wetumpka City Council establish a formal spay and neuter program for the city's feral cats! 

The bodycam footage is heartbreaking, in part because of the shock on the woman's face, but also because she rightfully identifies that she is doing her work on public property.  

Luckily, these two women received suspended sentences, so they are unlikely to spend any time in jail. But they will still have to manage probation, suspended sentences, fines, and the horrible memories from that insulting interaction with local law enforcement. If the police are supposed to keep the Wetumpka community safe, why is their priority punishing two women for doing the selfless work of saving animals' lives?

You know your criminal justice system is broken when people are punished for helping innocent, unsheltered animals. The entire city leadership of Wetumpka must do something about this egregious police overstep: the mayor must publicly apologize, the city attorney must lift their probation, and the city council should establish a formal spay and neuter program for the city's feral cats. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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