Add another amendment to the US Constitution for Freedom of Privacy

    Google, Yahoo, Xfinity, Amazon, Apple, Android all these companies collect your information and then sell the demographics (Age, sex, household, income, beliefs etc) to 3rd party companies.
    We can opt out of these agreements already, but then we are losing features or threatened if we do not agree with the Terms of Service on these devices we buy. Auto manufacturers are now putting these devices in cars to track mileage and driving conditions to sell to insurance companies.
    In the meantime we are stuck with inflation and higher prices for all the information they collect.
    We want our congress and senate to put a vote on the ballot to add a Freedom of Privacy act to our constitution. We have the 4th amendment not to enter our homes, but they are entering our homes via technology now.
    Amend the constitution to say: The freedom to withdraw any personal data from any; Electronic and non-electronic transfers of information on any individuals. (More to expound on).
    Give companies incentives to pay us back for information if we do agree instead of profiting off our personal choices.
    Firma la petizione
    Firma la petizione
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    politiche sulla privacy

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