Tell Congress to censure Rep. Gohmert for throwing a tantrum to disrupt testimony against Trump

The House Judiciary Committee is examining the Justice Department – specifically, whether Attorney General William Barr has allowed Trump to inappropriately politicize the department (spoiler alert: he definitely has).

But during a hearing with two whistleblowers and two former senior officials, key witnesses to the insane destruction of our justice system under Trump and Barr, Republicans pulled their favorite obstructionist stunt: toddler-like tantrums. Which, frankly, is an insult to well-behaved toddlers.

Add your name to tell Congress to censure Rep. Gohmert for disrupting testimony against Trump and Barr during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Here's Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), upset that witness Donald Ayer has been granted extra time (which the Chairman has the right to give), banging his ring on a table into a microphone to block Ayer from finishing his statement.

Republicans know the depths to which Barr has gone to cover up Trump's crimes. They know, because they are complicit as well, and they've tied their fates to upholding the Trump presidency at all costs. But the truth must come out. And Gohmert must be censured to deter Republicans from disrupting future hearings.

Sign here to demand Congress censure Rep. Gohmert for obstructing witness testimony against Trump and Barr during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.

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