Zambia's All-women Anti-poaching Unit is Saving Vulnerable Animals

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  • destinatario: Zambian Government, Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Department of National Parks and Wildlife

In the heart of Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park, the country's pioneering all-women anti-poaching unit has not only made strides in wildlife conservation but has also created profound social change. This program's success in empowering women and protecting our precious wildlife is a model of environmental and social triumph. We now call upon the Zambian Government, the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to recognize this success by providing essential funding and support to expand this program.

Sign the petition to urge Zambia's government to invest in the growth and sustainability of this empowering initiative.

This all-women conservation unit has proven to be an effective solution to some of Zambia's most pressing conservation challenges. It has transformed the lives of women in rural areas, providing them with employment, training, and a sense of purpose. Expanding this program will not only amplify its environmental impact but also further advance gender equality and socio-economic development in our communities.

With increased government funding and resources to scale up this program, more support will enable the program to recruit more women, enhance training facilities, and extend its reach to more areas in need of conservation efforts.

The expansion of this all-women conservation unit represents a commitment to sustainable development, where environmental stewardship goes hand in hand with social progress. By supporting this call to action, we are not only safeguarding our natural heritage but also fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

Join us in calling on the Zambian Government to fund and grow this remarkable conservation program. 

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Firma la petizione
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