Corporations Keep Tacking on Hidden Fees, Costing Americans Tens of Billions Per Year

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Have you ever planned to buy a concert ticket online, only to realize when you get to the checkout page that the ticket price is $10+ more than the website said it would be? Sometimes... really significantly more?

You can thank junk fees for that.

A new rule that the Federal Trade Commission is proposing would finally ban these 'junk fees' - the hidden fees that corporations manipulate Americans into paying on so many transactions.

Sign now to demand the Federal Trade Commission officially enforce this new rule!

Sneaky corporate websites can add junk fees onto almost every type of purchase a person can make, from rental payments to utility bills. These unexpected charges are intended to trick customers. There is no reason companies should be allowed to continue this deceptive practice.

When the FTC opened up its public comment period, soliciting opinions from average Americans about junk fees, more than 12,000 Americans spoke up against these bogus additional charges. Commenters described at length how junk fees hurt both consumers and honest businesses alike.

The government must mandate that all businesses make contracts clear and understandable. When a person signs up for or attempts to purchase something, it should be immediately obvious to them what they're getting themselves into.

Businesses should not be allowed to hide the total price of a product, and consumers are fed up. The FTC can - and must - put an end to this unfair practice to protect Americans! Sign the petition to put pressure on the FTC!
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