Florida Atlantic University: HOUSING POLICY CHANGE

    Dear FAU Administration,

    Fall of 2023, Atlantic Park Towers (APT) will no longer be an upperclassmen building. The new upperclassmen buildings will be Parliament Hall, Innovations Village North (IVA-N), South (IVA-S), and University Village Apartments (UVA).

    We, the undersigned students, are writing to express our strong opposition to the proposed change in housing policy for the Fall of 2023, in which Atlantic Park Towers (APT) will no longer be an upperclassman building, AND WE PROPOSED A NEW POLICY.

    As students who have lived on campus, we know the importance of having accessible and convenient housing options. Making APT an underclassmen-only building will limit the options for sophomores, juniors, and seniors and create an unfair disadvantage for them in terms of location and accessibility. This will negatively impact their academic experience and overall quality of life on campus.

    If Atlantic Park Towers is kept as an underclassmen-only dormitory, that leaves upperclassmen with only 3 buildings to live in on-campus, and underclassmen with 4 dorm buildings (Glades (GPT), Indian River Tower (IRT), Atlantic Park Towers (APT), and Heritage Park Towers (HPT). All of these proposed underclassmen-only buildings for the Fall of 2023 are located on the housing quad, which is at the center of almost all events and buildings on campus. This would be creating an unfair disadvantage for sophomores, juniors and seniors in terms of location and accessibility.
    Furthermore, this decision would increase the number of commuter students and add to the already existing problems of traffic and limited parking space. It will also lead to a lack of inclusivity for upperclassmen in terms of living standards, accessibility, and overall quality of life.

    We believe that all students, regardless of their year in college, should have access to a range of housing options that meet their needs and support their academic success. We urge the FAU administration to reconsider this decision and work towards creating more mixed dorms or getting rid of the current housing plans, in order to provide equal opportunities for all students and mixing the following dorms (Glades (GPT), Indian River Tower (IRT), Atlantic Park Towers (APT), Parliament Hall, Innovations Village North (IVA-N), South (IVA-S), University Village Apartments (UVA) and Heritage Park Towers (HPT).
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    Firma la petizione
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