Guns Are for Killing and Don't Belong on Dating Sites!

  • da: Rebecca G.
  • destinatario: Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid
Following in the footsteps of a growing list of companies that are distancing themselves from the gun industry, dating app Bumble has announced it will ban images of firearms in users' profile pictures and will donate $100,000 to March for Our Lives, the organization created by survivors of the Parkland shooting.

When asked about the decision, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble's founder and chief executive, said, "We just want to create a community where people feel at ease, where they do not feel threatened, and we just don't see guns fitting into that equation."

If you agree with Herd, please sign this petition asking dating apps Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid to do the same.

Guns are designed to kill. That is their only function. Whether it's an animal or human, guns are instruments used to take life. As we search for answers in the wake of Parkland and countless other senseless deaths caused by guns, it's time to ask ourselves how embedded we think guns should be in American culture. Should we be so desensitized to the sight of a killing machine that we think it's normal to see them while looking for love?

Bumble admits that this policy change won't be black and white and will likely receive backlash. However, the company is forcing itself to ask itself tough questions about how our culture is shifting and where it stands.

It's time for Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid to do the same. Please sign this petition asking Bumble's competitors to ban guns from user profile photos and donate to March for Our Lives.
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Firma la petizione
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