Charge the cops who shot a Black servicemember in his own home!

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Once again, a police officer has shot and killed a Black American for simply existing in their own home after they entered the wrong apartment.

Senior Airman Roger Fortson of the US Air Force was shot dead in his home in Florida after police busted into his home and immediately unloaded six shots seconds later. Fortson, concerned at the sharp knocks on his door, was holding his legally owned gun.

Fortson was on a video call with a friend, who heard everything and was able to contradict the police's account of what happened, in which they say they declared their presence.

Hold the police accountable for murdering Roger Fortson!

Police are denying that they went to the wrong address, but we know that police are more than willing to lie about anything and everything when it comes to making sure they never face repercussions for their actions.

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump mourned the loss of Roger Fortson, saying that he was " the best America had to offer… He was a patriot. He was a US airman, special ops. He was fighting for our way of life. He was fighting for everybody." And the police shot him without a second thought.

Charge the cops who shot a Black servicemember in his own home after going to the wrong house!

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