A Man and His Pet Kangaroo Were Killed. Tell This Australian State, Kangaroos Are Not Pets!

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: Animal Welfare Victoria
Another kangaroo and its owner died in Australia following a tragic, avoidable attack. The man had raised the animal from the time it was a joey, but that wasn't enough to prevent the violent incident in which the kangaroo attacked the man, and was in turn shot dead by authorities. While kangaroos and other marsupials are typically considered friendly to human beings, that does not make them good pets.

We must not let another animal or human die in such a tragic way again! Sign now to demand Animal Welfare Victoria amend its policies and ban kangaroo ownership for good!

Currently, the law states that this man shouldn't have owned a kangaroo, because keeping one as a pet is illegal in his state of Western Australia and most places in the country. But all one has to do is travel across the continent to find that the law is quite a bit different – it actually says people in Victoria can still own kangaroos.

The law in Victoria dictates that a kangaroo must not be wild if it's to be kept as a pet, buthand-rearing obviously does not necessarily lead to domesticating. Pets are still driven by the same instincts as wild animals of the same species, and when kangaroos are about three years old, if they are not feeding or resting, they fight. It's been speculated that the kangaroo thought of the man as one of its own, meaning it was either play-fighting or dueling for dominance. Clearly kangaroos are a threat to humans in close proximity – raising them from a baby or putting a license on file won't make much difference. Bringing them into homes simply increases the risk that they and their human owners will be injured or die.

Animal Welfare Victoria must finally amend its policies and ban kangaroo ownership once and for all. Animal agencies must work to prevent needless animal and human death and injury! Sign the petition now if you agree!
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