Is Kylie Jenner Intentionally Trying to Glamorize Trophy Hunting and the Decapitation of Lions?

When celebrity Kylie Jenner appeared at Paris Fashion Week recently, she turned heads. Because she had the life-size head of a (fake) lion sewn to her dress.

The fabricated animal looked nearly identical to the gruesome "trophies" that hunters cut off the bodies of murdered lions, eager to show off their kills.

Why does Kylie Jenner feel the need to replicate the decapitated heads of wild animals? By wearing a faux-lion head on her chest, she's glamorizing animal cruelty!

Sign the petition to demand she donates to wildlife conservation causes as an apology!

Most people only see lion heads like that at a museum, or in photos or videos of trophy hunters' homes. We know they come from the bodies of innocent wildlife - sometimes endangered species - that hunters hack apart after killing them for the pleasure of it.

And for many of us, these taxidermied heads inspire feelings of intense grief, sorrow, horror, and rage. But for Kylie Jenner, she apparently felt something like: 'I want to wear something just like that around as a fashion statement.'

As a society, we're finally moving further and further away from the use of fur, animal skins, and other cruel products in fashion. We don't need celebrities making it look "cool" to wear animals after all!

Kylie Jenner must apologize for essentially glorifying animal cruelty. She must also make a substantial donation to wildlife conservation organizations to save real-life lions from horrific trophy hunting!
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Firma la petizione
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