Protect the Black Bears, Now!

    Black bears are #47 on the endangered species list, but they are still being hunted because they are considered a nuisance to society, however, it is the fualt of humans that make them such a nuisance. Humans are moving into black bears habitats at a fast rate, so black bear encounters have gone up tremendously, resulting in the killings of innocent black bears. Black bears spend most of their time looking for food which is most likely how they run into people, they are also opportunistic feeders, as well as curious, and when offered food, they will usually take it without thinking. If a black bear is consistently being fed, it loses its shyness from humans, resluting in the black bear going up to more humans, which results in the death of the bear. We should increase laws surrounding the feeding of black bears, and make hunting black bears illegal. There is regulations on how many bears can be shot, but not the kind of bear, and since black bears are an easy target, they get killed the most.
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