Boycott Pepsi for sponsoring the Texas GOP convention!

Despite publicly supporting the LGBTQ+ community (like most companies, conveniently during Pride month), the company's name appeared on a physical copy of sponsors at the 2022 Texas Republican Convention. Without the logo and only in red text, Pepsi was one of the biggest names on the board propped up in the convention center.

PepsiCo is denying the sponsorship, and even alleging that the massive, multi-dimensional display constructed was doctored — but there is no proof supporting their claim. Why anyone would put the corporate giant's name falsely on a sponsorship list is yet to be determined, but until it is, PepsiCo must be boycotted immediately for their funding of a convention that produced a 40-page document denouncing the existence of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The document blatantly stood against gay marriage and the existence of transgender people, contradicting the very "life" and "liberty" the GOP claims to stand for (but we already knew that was moral posturing.) Despite their story, Pepsi already had a record of donating to the Texas Republican party — something's just not adding up. 

Add your name to call for a Pepsi boycott in response to their sponsorship or the 2022 Texas Republican Convention!

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