Alito must resign. America is not a theocracy

In a secret audio recording obtained by undercover journalist Lauren Windsor, Justice Samuel Alito endorsed the idea of returning America to "a place of godliness" and apparently using his position to help do so, saying "one side or the other is going to win" in reference to a growing divide between Democrats and Republicans. 

Alito is supposed to base his rulings on the Constitution and the law, not his religious beliefs or partisan desires.  America is not a theocracy – and Alito must resign.

This bombshell report comes just after Alito's wife came under fire for flying flags associated with efforts to overturn the 2020 election. How can Alito possibly be impartial, as Supreme Court justices are expected to be, when it comes to cases related to January 6, abortion, and more?

We've been watching extremist right-wing justices chip away at our rights and infuse their own personal beliefs and biases in their rulings. Enough is enough. Join us in calling on Samuel Alito to RESIGN from the Supreme Court >>

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