Israel is Bombing Innocent Civilians in Gaza’s Final "Safe Zone"

Approximately 1.5 million Palestinians are stuck in Rafah - a tiny strip of land that has become the final place of shelter in Gaza. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is deteriorating alarmingly. It's gotten so bad that U.N. Chief António Guterres has called it a "humanitarian nightmare."

Despite Rafah being designated as one of Gaza's final "safe zones," Israel began airstrike bombardments during the NFL's Super Bowl. The relentless attacks on Palestinians have not only claimed numerous lives but has also pushed the city to the brink, with reports indicating that many are sick or on the verge of famine. Families are forced to sleep on streets and resort to eating grass to survive, a clear indication that the basic rights to food, shelter, and safety are being grievously violated.

Sign the petition to demand a ceasefire from Israel to preserve civilian life and allow aid to reach those in need!

The International Court of Justice just recently ordered Israel to do more to prevent the killing of civilians in Gaza. The ICJ specifically commanded Israel "to take steps to prevent any acts of genocide in Gaza." The attacks on Rafah show the state is clearly not complying.

The tragic toll of the conflict on civilians, including the displacement of over a million people and severe shortages of essential supplies, paints a dire picture of despair. Hospitals, struggling to cope with the influx of wounded, and the destruction of homes and infrastructure, highlight the catastrophic impact of continued hostilities on the civilian population.

Reports of intense airstrikes and shelling in Rafah have resulted in significant civilian casualties, including children, and highlights an urgent need for international intervention. With over a hundred lives lost in recent attacks and fears of further escalation, it is imperative that the global community comes together to advocate for the protection of human rights and the preservation of innocent lives.

Sign the petition to demand Israel commit to a ceasefire and prevent the genocide of Palestinians!

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