They Collected Almost 200 Pets, Then Watched One-Third of Them Die

A couple in Nevada hoarded almost 200 animals in their home, a hotel residence, and a car. Of those animals, 65 were already dead.

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Authorities became aware that something was wrong after receiving separate complaints from neighbors near the couple's property, as well as a hotel. People had heard animals crying out and were becoming concerned that abuse or neglect could be occurring. Police tried to inspect the house multiple times, but the couple consistently refused entry - one time showing up to the front door with "blood all over" the man's hand.

Once authorities finally received a warrant, what they discovered was horrifying.

A freezer contained 42 dead animals, filled with the corpses of dogs, hamsters, tortoises, and guinea pigs. Two dozen animals remained alive on the property, but they were suffering from severe malnourishment and veterinary issues, standing in feces and without access to proper food and water.

Back at the hotel, the couple had collected another 75 animals - 12 of which were dead dogs.

In their car, authorities found 11 dead guinea pigs scattered among a larger collection of 40 live guinea pigs and rabbits.

The couple claimed they weren't even aware that some of the animals were dead, and insisted they were in the process of trying to rehome some of the guinea pigs once they'd realized it was all too much. But how in the world did they wind up accumulating 194 animals in the first place? Who was selling them these pets? Why did sellers not verify that these individuals could be responsible pet owners?

The couple have since been arrested, charged with "willful or malicious torture, maiming, or killing of an animal," and banned from animal ownership. This is an important start. But we still need more answers. Sign the petition now!
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