Take action to halt the issuing of thousands of emergency visas for foreign lorry drivers

  • da: Christopher Tolson
  • destinatario: UK Parliament, Boris Johnson, United Kingdom Minister for Immigration, Kevin Foster MP, Home Office UK Visas and Immigration

Let's take action to stop illegal immigration and rapidly block future illegal immigrants that will arrive as a result of the UK's recent decision to issue thousands of temporary emergency visas for bloody foreigners.

I understand Britain is currently experiencing a supply chain crisis as a result of the shortage of lorry drivers. However, temporary emergency visas do not go through the proper vetting process that regular work visas do. This means' thousands of dangerous foreign terrorists and rapists will infiltrate our proud nation and do irreparable harm to our society.

It's bad enough we have to deal with hordes of syrian and afghan refugees. In Bradford, we have problems with islamic men, pakis and gypsies sexually assaulting our Christian women, stealing from shop owners and driving the murder rate in this once decent city.

As a headmaster, I have to struggle with their children who are dragging down the school's performance and causing my employees to struggle having to teach native English students while wrangling them and pleasing their useless sponger parents.

I saw the writing on the wall and we should stop this in its tracks.

Remember "We want to make our nation one we can be proud of"

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