Students….NOT “Distractions”

Recently, I was called by the front office of Rhea County High School, informing me that I needed to bring my child a new pair of pants to wear. The staff Told me that she had a "hole" in her pants. She in fact , had a "weft" in her pants … not a hole. Therefore was truthfully in no violation of dress code yet was forced into In School Suspension. A straight A student whom has never been in trouble. Nor caused any problems her entire school career this far. She was terrified. As a parent , I am concerned about some of the Dress code rules. I would like to have the dress code for Rhea County High School re-evaluated and changed in some areas. We need to teach our students/children that it is ok to be unique , different, and stand out in their own way in life. Yet still dress in a respectful , positive , and tasteful way …. The way they dress should not be considered a "distraction" . This is where we need to teach our children to respect, focus, and not judge others in this life who have their own style , personality , and ways of expression. We are all human. and it takes ALL kinds of kinds. I support our School, the Employees, and I respect all faculty and administration positions. This is to simply open their eyes for a change, from the standpoint of a parent, the students, and everyone affected by the current Dress Code Policy. 

Aggiorna #12 anni fa
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this petition and the right for our children to be able to express themselves freely without judgement ! I hope to see you all at the Rhea county school board meeting this Thursday on the ninth at 6:09 !!! Let’s go make the difference !!
Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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