Hong Kong Police Are Using Force Against Peaceful Protestors

  • da: Judy Molland
  • destinatario: Hong Kong Police Commissioner Steven Lo Wai-chung

On June 9, up to one million people gathered in Hong Kong to protest a controversial plan that would allow Beijing to extradite supposed criminals from Hong Kong, even though the territory is intended to operate with a "high degree of autonomy."

The extradition bill is widely opposed by Hong Kongers, who believe that China, with its deeply flawed justice system, would use it for political ends. Even business and industry leaders are against it.

The protest on June 9 was mostly non-violent, but on June 12, violent clashes broke out when the police used rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray against the mostly peaceful demonstrators.

This behavior by the Hong Kong police is unaccceptable. Sign to urge Hong Kong Police Commissioner Steven Lo Wai-chung not to repeat these actions against peaceful protestors, who should be allowed to exercise their rights. 

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