Meta Knowingly Harmed Kids' Mental Health for Profit. It Must Take Accountability Now.

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  • destinatario: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg
In a divided political era where Democrats and Republicans can't agree on almost anything, a bipartisan group of attorneys general from 42 different U.S. states has come together to protect children. In particular, to protect children from a social media-fueled mental health crisis.

Citing Meta's own internal research, the attorneys general point out that the company has been using algorithms on Facebook and Instagram to "exploit and manipulate" children. Specifically, its strategic algorithms encourage kids to engage in addictive behaviors that harm their self-esteem, body image, and mental health.

And of course - it did all this just to chase profits. But our kids' mental health isn't for sale.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg must take accountability now for his company's vile targeting of kids for profit!

Experts say Meta specifically crafted "dopamine-manipulating" features to keep kids hooked on its apps and websites, endlessly scrolling and absorbing content that is detrimental to their emotional well-being.

This isn't news to Zuckerberg or other leaders at Meta. According to New York Attorney General Letitia James and her office, "Meta's own internal research documents show its awareness that its products harm young users."

In fact, Meta commissioned this research - and then buried it and kept it hidden in order to prevent this information from getting out. That all changed when a whistleblower leaked the documents and publicly revealed that "Meta has known for years about these serious harms associated with young users' time spent on its platforms."

Even more specifically, the lawsuits accuse Meta's platform of utilizing features that harm teens' mental health, specifically by highlighting social comparison that worsens body dysmorphia. Internal Meta documents show that, when surveying teen girls, 32% felt worse about their bodies after using Instagram.

Additionally, the attorneys general claim Meta has even violated the federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which forbids websites from collecting children's personal data without their parents' consent.

Meta and its leaders knew exactly what they were doing - and kept doing it. But we won't sacrifice children's mental health, and especially not for corporate profits. Sign the petition to demand accountability and change now!
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