This Army Vet Died in Jail and Had His Organs Stolen!

Over a year ago, 41-year-old Everett Palmer, a black Army veteran, was arrested in York County, Pennsylvania, after reporting to police regarding a DUI charge from 2016. Two days later, he was dead, with the initial coroner report calling the cause "undetermined."

Officials have insinuated that Palmer was "agitated" and may have been intoxicated by methamphetamine. They also speculated he had a pre-existing health condition.

When Palmer's remains were handed over to his family, they found out, only after hiring a pathologist, that his brain, throat and heart had been mysteriously removed.

They sought answers from officials – at first they were told the funeral home was to blame, then was later told that the organs had been removed as part of a continuing investigation into the cause of death.

Fourteen months later, Palmer's family still has no answers about what happened and are still denied access to his organs.

The family's lawyer says this looks to be a likely cover up. It's time to demand answers. Please sign the petition to call for #Justice4Everett. 

Add your name to this petition to call on York County officials to cease disrespecting Palmer and his family by finally giving them the truth about why he died and why his organs were taken without being informed!

Photo credit: Justice 4 Everett Facebook
Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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