Demand that home owners ( uninsured ) are given the respect as the insured..

    Suspected arson fires especially.But any house fire should be responded to within 48hrs. By the state and 24hrs by country. Not like my case which took 2 weeks for someone to show and take few pictures.and furthermore perform a investigation that consist of asking neighbors and the community if they have seen are heard anything.And keep the person or person's informed.And without a doubt if they can't do that at least answer the phone are informed there superior of what is going on.Because it's sobbering feeling when you ask your elected Official about how the arson case is going?( Quote) I don't know what you talking about,it was like getting kicked in the gut.But on a positive note he replied; I will find out and get the investigator to call you. WHAT I THINK SHOULD DONE ABOUT ,, I rightly don't maybe a fine for everyday they are behind the 48 and 24 hrs allowance of responded.the being sustainable enough to get them there.and given to local and state authorities that are responsible for investigating and their Superiors!!!!
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