Denmark Sterilized Thousands of Indigenous Women Without Their Knowledge

In the 1960s, the Danish government implanted nearly 5,000 intrauterine devices into women and girls in Greenland without their consent. The goal was explicitly to restrict the birth rate of the territory's majority Inuit people - literally a form of genocide against indigenous people.

Many of the women did not even know they had the devices implanted, and simply thought they were infertile for most of their lives, until recent gynecological appointments.

This is human rights abuse, plain and simple. And it is time the Danish government takes responsibility for it.

Sign now to demand the Danish government compensates these women for this torturous abuse and publicly apologizes!

Of the at least 4,500 intrauterine devices implanted, some were fitted to girls as young as 13 years old. And, since the Danish government invested no time or resources into aftercare, many girls suffered from abdominal infections after the implantation.

Forcing young girls to have coils designed for adult women's reproductive organs in their young bodies led some to experience chronic health problems. This resulted in even more procedures and operations such as early hysterectomies.

Now, these women are demanding answers and compensation, and we must stand with them.

Sign the petition to tell Denmark: pay reparations to these women who you harmed, and publicly apologize for these human rights abuses!
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Firma la petizione
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