Dear Nicola Sturgeon. We the Sovereign People of Scotland want you to act NOW.

Dear Nicola, we the Sovereign people of Scotland ask you to act now on independence before it is too late. The UK gov. is already taking every power possible away from us at every opportunity and we need to act now. If we wait any longer it will be too late and Brexit will have happened. Apparently we need a minimum of a 16 week run up before the referendum due date and this would take us past the due Brexit date. Please ! Please ! Please ! act now before we lose all the power we had, and possiby even our parlaiment. We want Independence NOW. We have waited almost 700 years for independence. Don't let us wait any longer. We have to be rid of the self-serving UK gov sooner rather than later. The whole of Scotland is in fear that it might never happen and have been trusting you to lead us to independence. We are all desperately worried that you have left it too late. Please ACT NOW !

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Firma la petizione
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