Demand that 1644 Acres of Best and most versatile farmland does not become a massive solar farm

    Brick House Farm has been producing food for us all for over 70 years. The land is classified as "Best and most versatile"

    Bluefield Renewable Development Ltd have applied to Shropshire County Council to build a Solar Farm on the whole of the farm amounting to 1644 Acres. That's a massive 7.23% of Greete civil parish.

    This application is not about saving the planet its about making money at the expense on the environment. There is currently plenty of brown field sites and 250,000 hectares of south-facing commercial roofs in the UK that can accommodate solar panels.

    Please support this petition.

    For more information on how to object to this application Email
    Firma la petizione
    Firma la petizione
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