Demand an End to WILDLIFE STARVATION at the Montgomery Zoo, NOW!!

    Wildlife at the Mongomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife & Learning Museum are clearly suffering! Zoo patrons have expressed concern over the animal's welfare for months now with no resolution. Recent photos reveal that these animals appear to be slowly starving to death. Photos have recently surfaced of 2 male lions, 2 cheetahs, a white tiger and a grizzly bear - all alarmingly emaciated and lethargic. Enclosures are noted to be too small for the animals to move around much, hippos observed with very little water and the otter habitat pool with fetid, filthy water. Information and excuses have been posted by Montgomery Zoo, all of which are untrue and inadequate. PLEASE demand the closure of this facility and/or the animals removed to a place equipped to adequately care for them!!
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    Firma la petizione
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