Police Officers Rape Black Woman on Camera and Avoid Charges

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  • destinatario: Harris County Sheriff Deparment and District Attorney

Sheriff's deputies pulled over 20-year-old college student Charnesia Corley over in 2015 for allegedly running a stop sign. Then they smelled marijuana and decided that was enough to handcuff her, force her to the ground, pull down her pants and conduct an 11 minutes vaginal cavity search. In other words: three police officer raped a young African American woman and not one of them will be punished at all for it.

Demand that the Harris County Sheriff Department and District Attorney charge the three officers with sexual assault now.

There was no warrant for a strip search. Had there been, it would have had to happen in a private, sanitary situation, not publicly on the side of the road. Charnesia says she feels violated, traumatized and upset. She has every reason to be. These officers assaulted her, used their power irresponsibly and violently and did it all with impunity. This is a disgusting act of police violence and we cannot stand for it.

"When you stick your fingers in somebody without their effective consent, that's rape in any state that I know of,"  said Sam Cammack, an attorney for Charnesia Corley.
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