Demand Exception of immediate Family Caregiver Exempt from Non Violent convictions on Background and barring caregiver funding and allowing funding through Medicaid

    Many Immediate Family caregivers of Elderly Parents have been barred by Medicaid Payments for caregiver because of the background check.. Exempting Immediate family caregiver with Convictions of Possession of Drugs.. with no violent history. Their Background consist of Possession due to Addiction which has been proven difficult if even possible to treat with some because of underlying Mental issues such a PTSD and Depression...
    Family Members are barred from caring and being paid by Medicare because of a background check. In which the Convictions have nothing to do with the ability to care for a parent. So long as they aren't Violent offenders or Offenders with Theft, Forgery Taking advantage of Elder.
    Some family's are so small that an adult child is all a parent wants and has to care for them. They don't want stranger they want her know who they know and who knows them .. Not all family caregivers May or should qualify and should prove the exemption as stated above
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