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Women are twice as likely as men to develop dementia and almost 70 per cent of new Alzheimer's patients will be women. Yet, research has traditionally focused only on men.

To better understand why women are disproportionately affected by brain aging disorders, we must consider sex and gender differences in the research we conduct.

A team led by Dr. Jonathan Epp from University of Calgary received a grant in 2021 through the Brain Canada-Women's Brain Health Initiative Expansion Grants: Considering Sex and Gender program for their work in understanding the sex differences in cognitive decline. Dr. Epp's team is making a key step towards developing strategies to limit the impact of Alzheimer's disease on cognitive function. 

Brain disorders and diseases are complex, and researchers must look at them through an equitable lens.

Help us share the importance of sex and gender considerations in research, so we can continue to explore our community's most pressing challenges and develop innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

Did you know?

Exercise increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain. It can also help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia in women.

Cindy Barha's research explores sex differences in dementia prevention strategies, namely exercise interventions, to help guide the development of personalized exercise recommendations and promote brain health. We need Canadians like you to support her work.

Sign now and support inclusive research!

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