Support Pregnant Women: Tell UnitedHealthcare to Improve Coverage for Expectant Mothers

We are committed to ensuring that all pregnant women have access to the most accurate prenatal screening information available. Our goals are simple: we want to help mothers avoid unneeded stress, prevent unnecessary invasive procedures, and receive crucial information early in their pregnancy about their baby's genetic condition.

But we can't do it alone. This is why Stand Up For Accurate Prenatal Answers is taking the fight straight to the executives at UnitedHealthcare, to demand they change their prior authorization requirements for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) that continue to  prevent many pregnant women from being offered the most accurate prenatal screening information available. 

Add your name to let UnitedHealthcare know that this issue matters to people like yourself who care about women's health.

Dear UnitedHealthcare Executive Board,

I am writing to express my concern over UHC's health care coverage for pregnant women.

As you know, genetic screening tests — such as those that identify trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18, trisomy 13, and other chromosomal abnormalities — are a critical component to a women's  prenatal care. Non-invasive prenatal screening tests (NIPT) are proven to be the most accurate screening tests available, but for many pregnant women covered by UHC, there remain many barriers to critical, timely care, such as prior authorization (PA) requirements. 

PA requirements place additional burdens on physicians and their staff, negatively impacting access to genetic testing. A 2020 American Medical Association (AMA) physician survey found that 94 percent of expert respondents agreed that PA requirements delay their patients' access to necessary care, and 79 percent agreed that PA can sometimes lead to their patients' abandoning treatment altogether.

These access delays deepen the current disparities in access to quality care, rather than uprooting them. 

You have the opportunity to use your position to positively impact thousands of women per year by removing PA requirements to access NIPT for all women. 

I sincerely hope you will do the right thing and support expectant mothers across the nation!

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