Pledge to Save Jaguars: Beautiful Big Cats on the Brink of Extinction

Of all the South American cats, the jaguar truly is king. 

This awesome apex predator is the largest cat in the Americas, has the strongest bite of all felines, and is even a talented swimmer. It's no wonder these incredible creatures were once worshipped as gods by ancient South American cultures. 

But, despite holding this incredible power, the jaguar is utterly defenceless against the unprecedented dangers posed by modern-day humans.

Habitat loss has devastated their populations. As trees are turned to tarmac, their forest homes are fragmented and they are forced into hiding within the few cramped pockets of jungle that remain. Left with little choice but to leave the safety of the trees in search of food, these unsuspecting cats are pushed closer and closer to local villages, risking conflict with local people, and, sadly, becoming the victims of revenge killings by farmers.

Years of hunting have also taken a heavy toll on these beautiful beasts. Bones, teeth, and even paws find their way into the illegal wildlife trade and are used in traditional medicines throughout South America and Asia.

Outside of their last surviving stronghold in Amazonia, this entire species is on the brink of extinction. 33 out of 34 subspecies are critically endangered and could soon be lost forever.

We must help them.

Please, pledge your support for jaguars today. Pledge that you will stand in solidarity with these forsaken felines. Pledge that you will join the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, and help put an end to the needless destruction of their homes.

There is still time to save this special species. With your support, we can preserve their remaining populations and ensure that these incredible big cats have a place to call home for years to come.

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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