Support Bijou's Law – License Pet Groomers and help save other pets

  • da: Rosemary Marchetto
  • destinatario: New Jersey Legislature: Stephen M. Sweeney, President of the Senate; Craig Coughlin, Speaker of the General Assembly, New Jersey

There are far too many dogs dying at the groomers including my dog Bijou, who was a healthy, happy 6 year-old shih-tzu.

Six years ago, I took Bijou to the groomers in Paramus, NJ for a routine dog grooming and 40 minutes later they called me told me he was dead. I have never recovered. I loved that dog like my own child. They will never know the pain they caused. It was through this horrific experience, that I came to learn that dog groomers are not licensed anywhere in the U.S.

New Jersey will be introducing Bijou's Law – Pet Grooming Licensing Act, which will going up for a vote in the first quarter 2018 at the NJ General Assembly.

Bijou's Law will require ALL groomers to be licensed by the state, for which currently, there are no laws in place that require licensing of any kind. Right now the dog grooming industry is a Buyer Beware industry with no rules or regulation in place for any groomer in United States!

Please help us save future pets from dying and serious injury. Please sign and share and introduce Bijou's Law in your state.

To learn more about my story visit

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Bijou Law Supporters, #A3044
Thank you for helping us along in setting regulation for dog grooming industry. Please sign this next petition to close unlicensed grooming salons down until legislation is passed. New Jersey will be voting on Bijou's Law in the next couple of months. I will let you know when and the place will be the New Jersey State House in Trenton!! Hope to see you there on voting day!
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