Water companies accused of underreporting sewage spills. Has this left you paying too much for your water?

UK water companies Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water, United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, and Severn Water are being accused of overcharging millions of customers.

Millions of household customers across the UK could be entitled to compensation following the latest round of lawsuits issued against these water companies who are accused of abusing their market position and overcharging consumers.  Are you one of them?

The claims against these companies state they breached environmental laws by underreporting the number of sewage spills and discharges into UK waterways.

These claims come at a time when water companies are planning to increase household bills to pay for the cost of tackling the sewage crisis and the impact of climate change.

Anyone who has paid for a water bill to one or more of these water companies from April 2020 (or from April 2017 for Severn Trent Water) could be entitled to compensation if the cases are won.

These companies are accused of abusing their dominant market position by underreporting the number of times they cause pollution incidents and overcharging customers as a result. Sign this petition and demand they be held accountable!
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Firma la petizione
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